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Meadowlands Football League 
123 Washington Ave Memo
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 615-3126

2020 MFL Season
Memo 09/01/20

2020 Season Mandatory Protocols For All MFL Programs

• Filling out MFL pre-screening form daily for every player & coach
• Adult supervised washing of hands before/after every practice & game with soap.
• Wipe down of equipment before/after every practice and game.
• Players bring their own labeled water bottles, no sharing. No water jugs or program supplied bottles, unless in emergency.
• No hand shaking after scrimmages/games. Mandatory sportsmanship “Acknowledgment Walk” 5 yards apart.
• Helmet shields are optional, must be clear if worn.
• Masks must be worn by Coaches at all times. They may be removed in necessary situations but must be put back on immediately after.
• All Fans should be 6’ foot apart
• Officials & Crews handling chains/sticks need masks.
• Scrimmages must be with MFL teams only.
• At the conclusion of every game, a (15) minute running clock will be used to clear field between levels. All levels need to be separated at all times (practice & games).
• Weigh ins will be outside, spread out & parents will be kept at a safe distance away from event (depending on weather).
• Any program with a positive infection needs to email MFL Board immediately. All Players & Coaches in contact from that level will need proof of a negative test prior to resuming any MFL activity.
• Any program not following protocols will be brought in front of the MFL Board and face possible penalties: 1st offense could result in a warning & $100 fine, a 2nd offense could result in a one game suspension & $500 fine and a third being elimination from league with fine.

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