The Meadowlands Football League began its tradition of the MFL Mighty Mite Day several years ago so that our youngest players could be recognized and have a special day just for themselves. In 2015 The Meadowlands Football League officially renamed the MFL Mighty Mite Day to the Dan Gilmore Mighty Mite Day.


Dan Gilmore suddenly passed away in 2015. He was a member of the MFL and coached the North Arlington Junior Football Program. He also coached other sports within NA's Rec programs as well as coaching at Queen of Peace. Dan was a loving husband and father, dedicated coach and mentor within his home community of North Arlington. Dan will be forever remembered within the Meadowlands Football League. This is the MFL's day to remember Dan and all that he had accomplished in his short life.

New Milford - Kennedy Field 11/2/2019

Time Home Side (hill side) vs Visitor Side (snack bar side)



9 am Rutherford (blue jersey) vs Lyndhurst (white jersey)

10 am New Milford (green jersey) vs North Arlington (white jersey)

11 am Elmwood Park ( black jersey) vs Harrison (white jersey)

12 pm Hasbrouck Heights (black jersey) vs Manchester (white jersey)

1 pm Hawthorne (blue jersey) vs RF Park/Little Ferry (white jersey)


Please alert programs to use the New Milford Swim club parking lot for parking, You can use the address 850 Columbia St New Milford NJ for GPS. Use the Plt. Ray Woods Lane for access (after borough hall).

Please also in any messaging for your programs that our snack bar will open for breakfast for anyone who needs it from 8 am on.

All teams will have ample space to warm up on little league field.

Upon completion of games please have your teams go to the picnic area near the snack bar for refreshments (all players get a drink and a dog) and award presentations

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