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Thursday, 9/24/20 in Rutherford

@ 8:30 pm


Thursday 10/1 Early Weigh ins
5:30 Rutherford
6:00 Lyndhurst
6:30 Saddle Brook
7:00 Manchester

*****1 Rep from each town*****

Saturday 10/3 Weigh ins
8:00 Wood-Ridge
8:30 Hasbrouck Heights
9:00 North Arlington
9:30 Elmwood Park
10:00 Secaucus
10:30 W.E.R.C.

*****2 Reps from each town*****

All Players & Coaches must wear masks at all times

Meadowlands Football League 
123 Washington Ave Memo
Rutherford, NJ 07070
(201) 615-3126

2020 MFL Season
Memo 09/01/20

2020 Season Mandatory Protocols For All MFL Programs

• Filling out MFL pre-screening form daily for every player & coach
• Adult supervised washing of hands before/after every practice & game with soap.
• Wipe down of equipment before/after every practice and game.
• Players bring their own labeled water bottles, no sharing. No water jugs or program supplied bottles, unless in emergency.
• No hand shaking after scrimmages/games. Mandatory sportsmanship “Acknowledgment Walk” 5 yards apart.
• Helmet shields are optional, must be clear if worn.
• Masks must be worn by Coaches at all times. They may be removed in necessary situations but must be put back on immediately after.
• All Fans should be 6’ foot apart
• Officials & Crews handling chains/sticks need masks.
• Scrimmages must be with MFL teams only.
• At the conclusion of every game, a (15) minute running clock will be used to clear field between levels. All levels need to be separated at all times (practice & games).
• Weigh ins will be outside, spread out & parents will be kept at a safe distance away from event (depending on weather).
• Any program with a positive infection needs to email MFL Board immediately. All Players & Coaches in contact from that level will need proof of a negative test prior to resuming any MFL activity.
• Any program not following protocols will be brought in front of the MFL Board and face possible penalties: 1st offense could result in a warning & $100 fine, a 2nd offense could result in a one game suspension & $500 fine and a third being elimination from league with fine.

The MFL has resumed meetings and has been discussing the upcoming season.


To see what we are doing to maintain the safety of all and keep the integrity of our league going strong, please read our current Meeting Minutes: 

September 17, 2020

September 3, 2020 Minutes


August 19, 2020 Minutes

August 6, 2020 Minutes 


July 9, 2020 Minutes

June 18, 2020 Meeting Minutes

 June 11, 2020 Meeting Minutes


 Updated Playing Schedule will be posted shortly.

Reps pls check over for accuracy

The MFL Mourns The Passing of Ron Waack 

For many, many years Ron was instrumental to our league in that he always  provided us with competent officials week in and week out during our 11 game seasons. Ron was a wonderful man with great integrity and a love of the game of football. He will be missed. Rest in Peace Ronnie.


Next Meeting

 Thurs., 9/24/20 

In Rutherford

@ 8:30 pm

Site Updates

2020 Schedule


2020 Preliminary Playoff Schedule Posted

September 17, 2020

Meetings Minutes

are posted

Available for



2020 Roster 


2020 Player Card Forms 

New Teams

(1)The MFL welcomes

the Secaucus Patriots

into our league.

(2) The MFL has approved

the merger of the Wallington Panthers &

 Carlstadt E/R Wildcats

(WERC) into a new football program

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